New Beginnings

The blog has been overhauled.

It had to be. Everything has changed. After 10 months of dreaming and planning, watching all the YouTube videos and reading all the articles, even getting a job at an RV dealership, it finally happened: we bought an RV!

It’s everything I hoped it would be, and nothing like I dreamed. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have ended up with a fixer upper. A 2006 RVision Trail Sport 27FQ. What we thought would be just a few updates has turned into a full-blown renovation.

Josh noticed a hole in the roof near the fan vent. The next day it rained and water was dripping inside. We decided to pull up the carpet to assess the damage and discovered the wood was rotted from right beneath the vent all the way into the bunk area and bathroom.

That wasn’t caused by a vent leak. We’re guessing one of the pipes in the bathroom was leaking. Either way, everything has to be ripped out.

So this is our new beginning. We are gutting a travel trailer and basically rebuilding the entire back end. Let’s see how this turns out!